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October 15, 2021
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Ashleigh Coleman
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Property has long been known as a notoriously cut-throat industry, dominated by males in a centuries-old trade. For the team behind 79th Luxury Living, however, barriers are made to be broken. Half of the positions at the company are held by women with four in senior management roles, a fact that Chairman Dave Webster is proud of.

“It is essential to employ female leaders, women bring a different dynamic to the team and an energy that should be celebrated. We know that our female leaders are just as good as their male counterparts, gender doesn’t determine ability.”  

To celebrate Women in Business Week, the team behind 79th Luxury Living wanted to introduce some of the ladies within the business…

Ashleigh Coleman, Marketing Manager

How Long Have You Been in Marketing?

I’ve worked in marketing for nearly ten years now doing everything from short internships, working for free to full-time jobs. I studied Business Communications at Liverpool John Moores University and graduated with honours back in 2014. As someone who hates monotony, I knew that I wouldn’t last five minutes in a regular 9-5 job, I needed something that would quench my thirst for variety, creativity and fun and marketing ticks all those boxes.

My first full-time job was doing marketing for a food retail business as a Marketing Executive where I quickly moved up the ranks to Marketing Manager. After two years there, I began working as a Digital Marketing Manager for a group of estate agencies in the North West and that’s where I fell in love with the property industry. It sounds cliché but no two days are the same, it’s fast-paced and crazy busy. Marketing within the property industry? Think Duracell Bunny drinks Red Bull and I love it!

In July of this year, I joined the team at The 79th Group and the second I walked through the doors for my interview, I just knew I had to work here. The team has a great dynamic and it feels like it’s a special place to be.

What Attracted You To Be The Property Investment?

Similarly to marketing, property is fast-paced and exciting, there is always a new project to get involved in and it keeps everything feeling fresh and fun. It’s also an industry that’s vital to the economy which was why it was one of the only trades that was allowed to continue operating during lockdown. I work quite well under pressure and so there’s nothing I love more than having to turn a project around with just hours to spare.

What Have Been The Challenges Of Working In A Male-Dominated Industry?

To be completely honest, I have never experienced any prejudice being a woman in the workplace, and I’ve always worked in male-dominated industries. I come from a long line of strong, independent women; my great grandmother owned three businesses before most women had even stepped foot into the workplace. I was raised to be confident in my ability and was never exposed to the idea that women were any less equal to men. I have been the only woman in the boardroom, the one with a different opinion than the rest; I’ve never felt anything other than equal.

What Would Your Advice Be To Other Women Who Want To Start Working In Marketing?

First thing would be to go and get as much experience as you can, it’s a competitive industry, one that many want to be in and the more that you can stand out, the better. Skills can be transferable, so don’t get too transfixed on gaining experience directly within a marketing role, there is nothing stopping you from asking your current employer if you could help with social media or blogs.

Once you’re in a job, never be afraid to speak your mind, bring new ideas to the table or suggest changes, you’ve not been hired as a ‘yes’ person, you’ve been hired because you know what is best for the business.

What Book Do You Consider To Be The Marketing Bible?

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and yes, it has absolutely nothing to do with marketing or property. It’s a book about the law of attraction and how you can change your mindset to change your life. It’s a really powerful read, so much so, I think it should be on the education syllabus! Too many people, especially women, doubt their worth and this book teaches you to take the bull by the horns and make things happen.

Lynsey McGrady, Investment Account Manager

How Long Have You Been in Account Management?

I have been working in Sales and Account Management for the last 6 years – having started as part of a team and naturally progressing to leading teams within the field. I find it extremely enjoyable and suits my personality down to a tee as I get to speak and form a rapport with your clients on a daily basis. What’s fantastic about doing this job at the 79th Group I get to speak with people all around the world which is fantastic! This is a part of my DNA and can truly say that I thrive on this aspect of my job.

What Attracted You To The Property Sector?

There was a lot that attracted me to the property sector in particular the growth we are finding ourselves in now covid is beginning to calm down – as our economy is getting back to normality our housing industry is starting to flourish again which means there are lots of new opportunities for us!

What Challenges Have You Faced Working In A Male-Dominated Industry?

Working within a male-dominated industry has not shown so many challenges but more a drive to compete against the former masculinised world to be seen and valued as equal. Coincidentally it has definitely made me bolder and given me a reason to stand up for equality in terms of my role and salary.

What Would Your Advice Be For Women Who Want to Work in Account Management?

My advice for women who wish to work as an Accounts Manager or Sales Manager is to stay firm in what you believe in, be positive you will succeed, and never back down to competition!

What Does Your Typical Workday Look Like?

My typical working day can vary an unbelievable amount; one day it will be a case of onboarding clients and helping out on the admin team when the workload is overflowing to then making an unbelievable amount of phone calls, to our clients making sure they are happy with our services and their investments with us which puts us in the spotlight as we love to form strong rapports with our clients. The next day could be back-to-back meetings with clients and the team. There is no way to explain a typical day but a typical week is definitely exciting and no one day is ever the same!