Staying Compliant

Our compliance frameworks and protocols.

79th Luxury Living Limited endeavours to make all the best and reasonable efforts to protect its principals and stakeholders from compliance risks.

79th Luxury Living Limited has invested significant resources in implementing and maintaining operational protocols and processes that will protect our business from these risks.

Compliance policies and training.

The board of directors have implemented policies by resolution and instituted training for all company staff that covers the following areas;

The UK Anti Bribery legislation
The UK Anti Money laundering legislation
The Corporate Criminal Offence legislation

Protocols for each of these branches of legislation have been adopted & implemented throughout our business.

Continuous risk assessment.

Compliance is not discrete, it is dynamic and the company has committed to continuous risk assessments which will be carried out as needed and on a quarterly basis by an independent firm of compliance professionals.

This dynamic and continuous risk assessment is designed to not only protect the team, the principal’s and family members who are directly involved and responsible for the governance of the business, but also to protect the company’s investors.

Continuous vigilance will has become a fundamental component of the company business model.

Independent assurance.

An independent firm has been engaged by 79th Luxury Living Limited to provide independent external assurance for 79th Luxury Living’s compliance report. The compliance process includes an assessment of 79th Luxury Living’s compliance and risk assessments.

Building on the training and governance framework implemented for 79th Luxury Living, the independent assurance process is designed to protect 79th Luxury Living from bribery, AML, and other business and governance risks as well as emerging issues in a changing environment, and to assess 79th Luxury Living’s performance against the established compliance framework.