We create unrivalled investment opportunities utilizing our extensive experience in the UK property market.

79th Luxury Living:

We are one of the most experienced names in the UK property market, renowned for acquiring and developing assets which deliver optimum financial performance in distressed markets.


We concentrate on projects in areas of high capital growth and increasing rental demand throughout the United Kingdom.

79th Luxury Living is your first point of contact for property investment in the United Kingdom, and trusted by investors globally.

1. Our Process

Our Experienced team target highly lucrative land development opportunities to deliver residential and commercial schemes, based on profitability, growth and future demand.

2. Strategic Acquisitions

As a market disruptor, we look for opportunities where others may not. We work alongside our professional partners to acquire, develop and manage property assets to secure profitability for our company and stakeholders.

3. Sell or Retain

Our ability to adapt to changing market conditions is a key contributor to our success. We engage with prospective buyers in both local and international markets. If not sold, properties are refined or retained in our portfolio to generate income stream.

Delivering Excellence In Residential & Commercial Development

Our team have vast experience in the UK property market. The individuals that make up our company have delivered thousands of residential and commercial units in the past twenty five years.

Investing for
the future.

We are renowned for our market expertise, exemplary track record and our robust compliance framework, making us a trusted partner for investors globally.

with us.

Work with us.

Our company is undergoing rapid expansion, and we are interested in working with developers, landlords, receivers and private funding providers, to pursue development and purchasing opportunities to add to our growing portfolio of developments and properties.

The 79th Journal

Our thoughts. Our work. Our Experiences.


The 79th Journal

Our thoughts. Our work. Our Experiences.


Luxury Living News.


Over the last thirty years, our board of directors have collectively completed over £1 Billion worth of development across the United Kingdom.

79th Luxury Living is chaired and managed by The Webster Family who entered the UK property sector in 1980, and are renowned for their pedigree in asset management of distressed property assets, particularly in times of economic turmoil and uncertainty.


More than £1bn of property transacted since 1980.


Trusted by over 800 clients globally.


Of property development underway.

Featured developments.

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