79th Luxury Living: The Luxury Property Investment Specialist

One of the Most Experienced Names in Property, We Can Help You Invest in Luxury Property Across the North West of England

Liverpool | Formby | Southport | Wirral | Leeds | Manchester

What We Do

1. Our Process

We identify highly lucrative sections of land to deliver luxury residential and commercial schemes, based on growth and demand.

2. Strategic acquisitions

We purchase development opportunities in areas of high demand to build bespoke luxury properties, ensuring we obtain the best possible value for our investment.

3. Sell or retain

We will either sell the properties to clients such as professional football players, businessmen or companies seeking luxury homes in areas of high growth, or retain the properties for the high income potential.

Delivering excellence in residential &
commercial development

Our team have vast experience in the UK property market. The individuals that make up our company have delivered thousands of residential and commercial units in the past twenty five years.

79th Luxury-Living Luxury Real estate UK

Investing for the future

79th Luxury Living is your first point of contact for property investment in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world because we uncover areas with the highest capital growth and strongest rental demand.

Work with us

Our company is undergoing rapid expansion, and we are interested in working with developers, landlords, receivers and private funding providers, to pursue development and purchasing opportunities to add to our growing portfolio of developments and properties. Our long term objective is to secure & develop high performing assets for future growth and strong rental yields.
79th Luxury-Living Luxury Real estate UK

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79th Luxury-Living Luxury Real estate UK

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79th Luxury-Living Luxury Real estate UK

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